Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer 2007 Neighborhood Improvement Award Winner Announced

The Bakers' Daughter Jackie and her son Peyton pose in front of Award Winning House

Not even a fallen leaf mars the lawn and street in front of Jackie and Clenice Baker’s well-kept home at 409 Herndon Street in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood. As one way of recognizing the Bakers’ positive contribution to the community, the Highland Restoration Association (HRA) has presented them with the HRA Neighborhood Improvement Award for Summer 2007. This award is presented quarterly to a home owner or business that serves as a role model for others.

The Bakers moved to their Highland home in 2003 from Blanchard. “I wanted to live in a historic home,” Clenice Baker said. The interior had been restored by the previous owners but the Bakers have continually enhanced the outdoor living space by adding covered parking and additional storage, and maintaining an immaculate yard.

The Bakers have also put in a bid to purchase the house next to them and the vacant lot next to that house. They want to improve their whole block.

Clenice Baker has mixed family heirlooms with bargain buys to make the interior of the home as inviting as the exterior. “I love the high ceilings and the crown molding in this house,” said Clenice Baker. “When I go into other people’s houses, I sometimes feel like the ceilings are too low and I feel closed in.”

The cottage has three bedrooms, including one for the Baker’s grandchildren who are frequent visitors to their grandparents’ house. When he isn’t caring for his lawn, Jackie Baker can often be found sitting on his porch watching his grandchildren play.

“I want the young people of this neighborhood to appreciate the history of the houses and take care of the old homes in Highland,” said Clenice Baker.

The Highland Restoration Association could not agree more.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Clean Team Event--August 4

The Highland Restoration Association joined forces with Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal, Highland Area Partnership, Brookshires on Kings Highway, VOA Highland Center and Shreveport Police Department Weed and Seed to co-sponsor the August 4 Highland Clean Team event at Columbia Park. A trailer was loaded with cleaning supplies, i.e., paper products, hand sanitizer, and spray cleanser, that were collected for distribution to neighborhood schools.

This annual event is held in conjunction with the Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal's Highland Neighborhood picnic, which this year featured a water slide for the children, time to explore the new Columbia Park playground equipment, cake walks for all ages and lunch for everyone.

Several HRA board members attended this event and shared their photographs of the event. The pictures tell the story of this worthy and fun-filled event.

Photo Credit: James Eakin, HRA Board Member