Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Save Highland's History

Highland Historic District
Shreveport is the only large city in Louisiana that doesn't already have Historic Commission and ordinances to protect historic properties.

If you are in favor of preserving the historic districts and buildings in Shreveport, now is the time to make your voice heard. Frank B. Gilbert, a national expert on preservation and the law, will be in town next week to try to jump start legislation in Shreveport to protect historic sites.

At a special session of the Shreveport City Council, Tuesday, May 5, 2:00 pm, Government Plaza-- Mr. Gilbert will be there discussing the need for ordinances to protect historic properties. Make plans to attend because we need to show the council there is grassroots support for this initiative in Shreveport.

Regular meeting of Caddo Parish Commission, Thursday, May 7, 3:30 pm, Government Plaza--Mr. Gilbert is first on their agenda and will speak for about 15 minutes, then answer commissioner's questions.

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